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Information Security Consulting

Our domain expertise, process management skills and change management capabilities provides customized solutions to help YOU gain competitive edge

Divinepaks is committed to helping our clients maintain the maximum value of their technology investments, We believe that unless our values consistently guide our actions, there is never a better tomorrow.


Reviews of Information Security strategies, plans, policies and effectiveness of Information Security initiatives Effectively set up and manage Information Security Initiatives and policies, procedures, standard and guidelines Setting up project management expertise on new and ongoing projects including internal Security Awareness building and auditing Training and mentoring of Information Security Associates/Resources. ISO 27000 assessments and implementation guidance.
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Consulting



was created on the belief that the information security industry is in need of extremely tailored and niche services aimed around maturing a company’s security program.



To provide value-driven Information Security Services and Solutions to our customers by striking a right balance of price and performance, thereby helping them maintain higher Returns on Investment.


Our Promise

We promise to work with your organization, to strengthen it, to identify risk, and to help mitigate them in order to make a much stronger organization.



Information Security doesn’t need to be overly complex – it can be simple. Our philosophy is that INFOSEC can be implemented and put into practice in any organization and culture. We believe in Integrity, Precision, Quality & Commitment. 

Security Consulting

Security Consulting practices provide comprehensive security guidance to organizations to protect their high profile systems in high risk environments. Our services are designed to help you enhance your information security posture, lower your total cost of ownership and demonstrate compliance by partnering with us in managing your security operations.

Workforce Solutions

We help you identify, evaluate, and improve overall security posture of your organization based on widely accepted recognized standards and best practices, and that is oriented to your organizations unique security needs.

Our Information Security Consulting Services are designed and deployed such that

  • You get a comprehensive assessment of your organizations current security which include security falls in enterprise policies, processes, procedures, practices, networks, systems and applications
  • You get to understand the real-world security threats and risks, and what kind of solutions are required to prevent them.
  • You get security metrics data that informs about future assessments, risk management decisions, and overall security architecture, in an iterative fashion.
  • You get information at your fingertips to enable decision making/investments for risk management/mitigation
  • You get audit and assessment support from highly experienced security experts