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Network Security Monitoring

You’re proactive when it comes to the physical threats to your business. So why would you settle for anything less when protecting electronic assets?

While some services stop once they alert you, our security analysts investigate and prioritize threats to determine if action is even warranted. If it is, we then take action on your behalf, blocking in-progress incidents to minimize response time and damage potential while keeping you focused on core business functions.

Our turnkey network protection.

Work with a trusted Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) able to begin protecting your network in just a few hours, with no equipment installation required. Back your organization with industry leading expertise and actionable security intelligence from day one along with real-time threat monitoring, compliance reporting, and response assistance.


Customer Satisfaction

We expect to exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement in quality, service, productivity and time compression.


Team of skilled Professionals

With a strong focus on domain and process understanding, approximately 60% of our staff possesses between 5 to 10 years of experience.


Reliable, Assured and Confident Delivery

This competence runs through infrastructure, people, operations and transition capabilities.


Operations and Transition

We follow a defined methodology driven by a detailed migration toolkit and full project management rigor.

Our layered network security monitoring approach.

Avoid the risk of unexpected downtime, slow network response, and network intrusion with our unique layered approach to security. We monitor your network using real-time threat-intelligence feeds from the government and private sector, insights already in use by some of the most secure environments including the United States Department of Homeland Security. And we delve beyond 24×7 threat detection and security log monitoring to include security operations center (SOC) services and threat blocking by certified security analysts.